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8 Hour Unarmed Guard Course

This is the AZ DPS approved 8 hour unarmed security guard card course for both new and renewing security guards.

With over 30 years of combined experienced, our Licensed Instructors WILL teach you to:

  • Observe & Report to the Best of Your Ability

  • Immediately React & Respond with Purpose

  • Learn Techniques Essential to the Success of all Security Guard Specialists

  • Identify Threats and Improve Situational Awareness

  • Write Concise Reports

  • Wear the Uniform with Pride

  • Laws Pertaining to Lawful Arrests

  • Patrolling Techniques

  • Assault & Related Offenses

  • Criminal Trespass & Burglary

  • Crime Deterrence & Authoritative Presence


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16 Armed Security Guard Card

This course is for those who have already completed the unarmed training, and are looking to become armed guards in Arizona. This course works for new and renewing guards.


First Aid & CPR Certification Course

CPR and First Aid Training is a classroom, video-based, and instructor-led course that teaches students critical skills needed to respond to and manage a first aid, choking, or sudden cardiac arrest emergency in the first few minutes until EMS arrives and after they take over


ASP Tactical Baton/Handcuff 

Coming Soon!!

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Firearms Shooting Simulator

Coming Soon!!

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