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Arizona Security Guards Get No Respect

We get it. We are in an industry where the reputation of the "lazy security guard" precedes us . Think back to your own experiences with a security guard. For most of us, we look back at the grumpy old security guard at our high school, or perhaps, you immediately think of Paul Blart, the security guard character from the movie Mall Cop. The movie title alone stings a little bit because it is meant to demean the authority of the security guard, which in this case, is relegated to a shopping mall and doesn't extend further than the parking lot. We are looked upon as lazy, sloppy, uneducated, poorly trained, and lacking motivation. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Security Guards are Professionals

When we set out to provide security guard services in Phoenix, Arizona and it's surrounding areas, we knew we had a to meet the challenges of the image of the industry we were to conduct business in. We were ready for it. With a passion for security work, we set out to provide our guards with an opportunity to change the public perception on what a security professional should be like. One can never lose sight about the fact that security professionals go through a vigorous background check and must still be screened and interviewed by management to see if they are a good fit for security work. People hired for these type of jobs are hard working people, and have to deal with issues which even police departments refuse to handle, and with good reason.

What You May Not Know About Us

Here are a few things you may not have known about what it is like to be a security guard:

  • Schedules are not your typical Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm type of schedules.

  • We rarely have an opportunity to celebrate some, or even most, major holidays with our families.

  • We are disrespected by the public and must learn effective communication techniques to get our job done.

  • We provide continuous foot patrols at some locations and can spend an entire shift on our feet, covering a large area of patrols.

  • The pay is not the greatest and is determined by what the client pays the company who hired us. We still put in a 100% effort in what we do.

  • WE ARE PRIVATE CITIZENS, even while on duty. We have no more legal authority than that of any other private citizen. Learning to effectively communicate with the public is crucial to our success.

  • We are often transferred from assignment to assignment, and our schedules are frequently changed. We may have a morning schedule one month, and then have to work 3rd shift for an extended period of time.

  • Believe it or not, most security guards prefer night hours.

  • We do actually take pride in what we do, otherwise, we wouldn't take the job.

Security Guards are People Too

Next time you encounter a security guard in your day to day, take a moment to say hi and let them know that you notice them, and that you're thankful they're there. If they look sharp, compliment them on their professional appearance. Kind words go a long way. We promise we'll be grateful and will remember you next time we see you!


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